A Recycled Shipping Container Kitchen for St Louis De Montfort Primary School, Aspendale

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An open space master plan was completed for St Louis De Montfort Primary School in Aspendale in July 2012. The first area to be developed in line with the master plan will be the Kitchen and Produce Garden area. The Kitchen will be consist of renovated shipping containers, seating a whole class indoors becoming a great new learning space. Equipt with a state of the art kitchen space, St Louis new classroom will provide far reaching opportunities for the school to develop a curriculum around a sustainable lifestyle. The produce garden will include an indigenous plant trail, along with extended veggie patches, permaculture orchard, and animal enclosure. RB Landscapes is looking forward to constructing the new kitchen and produce precinct this year!

For more information, contact:

Richard Bellemo
Landscape Design & Construction

M: 0408 032 947     
E: rblandscapes@gmail.com
W: www.rblandscapes.com.au


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