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RB Landscapes has recently finished our proposal for Caulfield Grammar to construct a sustainability learning precinct at their Yarra Junction campus.

The proposal is to create an area where students can learn and put into practice all the processes involved in living a completely self-sufficient lifestyle, requiring no external entities or resources to prosper. Practices such as permaculture, aquaponics, water recycling/management and renewable power are all concepts we have employed in the design of the precinct. The actual construction of the precinct will be completed primarily using reclaimed, recycled and alternative materials.

The individual learning areas that make up the sustainable precinct are as follows:

  • Produce Garden - The produce garden consist of a number of raised traditional style garden beds, as well as some aquaponics style garden beds. Students will be able to experiment with both methods of crop production side by side and make comparisons. The produce garden will also contain a high density orchard which is designed in such a way to maximise crop production in a relatively small area. The produce garden will be large enough to produce and supply both Caulfield and Yarra Junction campuses with all the produce they require in their kitchens throughout the year.
  • Bush food garden – The bush food garden will consist of native edible plants that will be managed in an indigenous style dependant more on natural cycles than intensive ‘western’ style growing techniques.
  • Compost bins - Students will be responsible for improving the sites soil through the production of compost facilitated by a 5 stage compost bin.
  • Propagation Greenhouse – Seed will be collected and propagated on site within the propagation greenhouse.
  • Solar, wind and hydro power – Students will gain insight into the use of solar, wind and hydro power as it will utilised to power all pumps and lighting within the precinct.
  • Trout ponds – Trout will be managed and grown within 3 different holding ponds. The ponds will provide a water source for the produce garden whilst the trout within provide both a nutrient source for the produce and a form of meat and protein for the students to use in their cooking.  
  • Chicken coop – Chickens will also be incorporated not only as a source of meat and eggs but as a form of permaculture. The chickens will be allowed to roam the orchard area providing fertiliser and soil aeration for the trees whilst also protecting them from pests.
  • Kitchen Classroom – A kitchen classroom will be constructed cut into ground to provide a natural thermal wrap which will trap heat in winter and have a cooling effect in summer. The classroom will contain a fully operational kitchen and woodfired oven for students to get their hands dirty.
  • Passive play areas – Areas have been allocated throughout the precinct for students to congregate and enjoy when they are not participating in learning activities.
  • Woodwork / Earthwrap room - Where students utilise site materials to build furniture, mud bricks and use it to build structures in an ever evolving landscape.

For more information, contact:

Richard Bellemo
Landscape Design & Construction

M: 0408 032 947     

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