To be sustainable is to be able to manage natural resources and related environments in a manner that satisfies our current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. This is something the team at Richard Bellemo Landscapes strives to achieve with every decision made.
We aim to educate and inform our clients of the benefits of building a sustainable garden in a sustainable way. The health and well-being of our population is directly influenced by the environment in which we live. A healthy environment leads to a healthy state of mind, and it is for this reason we try to implement sustainable practises whenever and wherever possible.

Some of our Sustainable initiatives we implement in our projects include:

Water collection and Management

All of our designs incorporate water storage in one form or another. Conventional water tanks, natural pools and even larger scale water features are used throughout our projects as a means of storing water collected from run off. The water collected is then managed and distributed to sustain the vegetation throughout the garden.

Plant selection

Plant selection is an important factor when it comes to sustainability as it directly influences the way in which we have to manage our water, the survival rate of plants and the amount of green waste produced by the garden. At R.B. Landscapes, we prefer to use plants indigenous to the area in which we are working, or at least suited to the local climate and conditions, rather than planting high maintenance, thirsty exotics. In doing so we are able to ensure our gardens will thrive, remaining lush and healthy year round, without the need for excessive watering or chemical fertilisers.

Minimised use of fertilisers and pesticides

All of our gardens are self sustainable in their ability to grow and flower. They require very little assistance from us in this process. Any assistance that is given is of an organic nature such as the use of manures or sea weed based fertilisers. The plants we choose for our gardens are less susceptible to disease and pests which virtually eliminates the need for inefficient and unsustainable herbicides and pesticides.

Improving rather than replacing Soils

When presented with a soil which we deem not suitable for growing, we frown upon the conventional method of removing and replacing the soil. Instead we opt to improve and revitalise existing soil by adding organic matter and other soil conditioners, encouraging microbial activity resulting in the perfect soil.

Use of reclaimed and recycled materials

The majority of materials used on our jobs are either recycled or reclaimed which significantly reduces waste going to landfill. We are always looking for new ways we can incorporate unique and sustainable materials or ideas in our gardens. We also aim to source our materials locally wherever possible, steering clear of imported materials and supporting our local industry.

These are only a few of the strategies R.B Landscapes are implementing in our quest to create healthy, green and sustainable living areas for our clients. We are continually expanding these strategies as we discover new ways we can work with our clients in creating healthy and sustainable outdoor environments.

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