Wheelers Hill

More akin to the arid areas of Australia's red heart, visitors to this award-winning suburban garden would be forgiven to thinking they were anywhere but in the unsuspecting Wheelers Hill.

Perfectly contrasting with the more traditional gardens in the area, this South American and Australian Desert inspired design compliments the red tones of the client's brick dwelling. The front garden is a desert oasis with corten curved retaining walls representing gorges found in the heart of Australia. The use of large corten stepping pavers represent the rock and dry river beds found through the gorges while the reds and yellows of the gravel complete the Australiana theme.

Mallee eucalyptus was planted to represent a dry wooded forest with grevillea ground covers, pig-face, woolly bushes, hakeas, a variety of grasses such as carex and lomandra, Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata and the giant flowering Doryanthes excelsa were all used for the Australian native theme. In contrast, exotic cactuses stand tall and proud throughout this landscape to reflect the dry desert outcrops of South America.

The backyard is accessed via large corten stepping stones and pass a feature corten wall with cascading foliage representing water falling. The corten stepping stones turn to slate stepping as the path continues into the main backyard space. There are circular dry stone walls and seating areas for informal entertaining with a large river pebble sculpture cleverly used as a focal point.

When viewing this garden from the back veranda, intricate patterns emerge as you look over the landscape. Mounded garden beds are used to representing termite mounds and small hills while the colour choices of foliage and paving materials only adds to the visual feast this Wheelers Hill marvel provides.

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