Mount Waverley

The client wished for a garden design to compliment their unique home, while achieving a natural, low maintenance, and sustainable garden.

The first step in achieving this goal was to install a water tank big enough to sustain the garden without the need of mains water. Not really liking the look of conventional round water tanks, the client opted for a 40,000 litre underground tank solution that was installed out of sight in the front garden. The tank was hidden underneath a planted mound of soil, surrounded by wistow rock retaining walls.

Native plants dominate the front of the property which satisfied the client's expectations and complimented the neighboring streetscapes. Carex glauca was primarily used as a durable lawn substitute throughout the paths leading to the house. A blend of Lomandra Confertifolia and Carex testacea were used throughout the mounds to provide a lovely contrast of green and orange foliage that takes on wistful shapes when the wind blows.

Pathways to the house were constructed with bluestone steppers as opposed to solid paths to reduce run off and allow more water to soak back into the soil.

Along the northern side of the client's home, a lovely entertaining area was designed and built where afternoons can be spent relaxing to the sound of water. The water feature consists of a large pond containing a layer of sand and rock to create a natural feel. Partially submerged within the pond stands a living wall and a bluestone stack cascade. Water is circulated from the pond through the living walls where in a natural filtration process the plants are provided with the nutrients they require and clean water is returned to the pond. Nutrients enter the water in the form of fish food and feces provided by a number of trout that call this feature home. The pond is therefore entirely self sustainable.

A cactus garden mulched with jagged rock provides a unique contrast of harsh and earthy tones. The cactus garden contains a mixture of 'Silver Torches' and 'Golden Barrels', mulched with a layer of rock to provide contrast for the cacti, whilst providing protection from the suns rays to the soil below. This section of the garden successfully blends a full spectrum of natural colours, shapes, sounds and textures.

The benefits of this garden design are two fold - a tranquil space and atmosphere for the client to relax in, while maintaining a design commitment to self sufficiency and sustainability.

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