Balwyn 2

This property has seven specific garden rooms designed to match the Victorian house. The new areas were designed to match the small pockets of garden that existed and also enhance the character of this charming Victorian house. Massed intricate planting creates a dramatic scene with profusions of colour being enjoyed year round.

The garden at the rear of the property has been made to appear larger using 2m tall mirrors which are staggered back towards the boundary. Used to great effect to hide the garden shed, the mirrors also provide the feel of and endless garden. Each mirror reflects the mass planting of azaleas and ball camellias on one side and tropical planting on the other.

Water can be heard throughout the garden from the cascading 2.3metre stone wall water feature which flows into a pond surrounded by bluestone and thick mondo grass. This stunning garden focal point can be viewed from the main entertaining deck and offers a unique contrast of natural stone and intricate plantings.

Another garden room curves its way around the side of the house and introduces a Japanese feel with stone steppers, arbours and dwarf plantings. This area connects through to the front garden where you are welcomed by a large lawn area surrounded by sculpted hedges representing rolling hills. Rout iron cones have been made to border the drive creating a distinctly formal Victorian welcome to all who make the grand entrance to this bold Victorian garden.

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