St Louis de Montfort's Primary School wins Premiers Sustainability Award 2014

St Louis de Montfort’s Primary School, Aspendale creates a one-of-a-kind educational program and sustainable precinct that supports a whole school approach to developing active environmental citizens. The St Louis de Montfort’s Leaders in Sustainable Education program, partnering with the City of Kingston, Melbourne Water, South East Water and the Dolphin Research Institute, places a strong emphasis on utilising the school site and local area within their curriculum, including a strong focus on building leadership skills.

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Sustainable Educational Initiatives

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'First of all, don't take 'play' to mean anything idle, wasteful or frivolous. This is 'play' as the great philosophers understood it: the experience of being an active, creative and fully autonomous person'.

Pat Kane, The Play Ethic- Inspiring Scotland- The Value of Play in Secondary Schools


Mark DREYFUS opens parliament with speech on St Louis de Montfort's Primary School in Aspendale.

"Through the integrated sustainability garden and kitchen, students learn about concepts such as permaculture, aquaponics, nutrition and how to identify indigenous edible plants. As I spoke with the students, it was obvious that this applied approach to environmental curriculum has deeply engaged their learning and taught them an appreciation for the land and living sustainably in our fragile Australian environment"

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Our vision is for schools to have a hands on sustainability precinct where ecological practices can be taught to their students. Through the construction of these outdoor areas students would have the opportunity to collect and manage their own water, grow, cook and eat their own produce and get a clear, hands-on understanding of how the environment and nature works.

We aim to assist schools to create a place where students can LEARN about the importance of BIODIVERSITY, ENERGY, FOOD, WASTE and WATER sustainability. By implementing a systematic approach through the curriculum to expose children to all elements of sustainability, we are teaching students to accept responsibility for their actions, helping to change attitudes to sustainability as these practices are transferred to home and the community. We believe one way to do this is through the implementation of a sustainability precinct.


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Participating schools have reported reductions in waste collection of up to 80%, reductions in water consumption of up to 60%, and savings on energy consumption of 20% with commensurate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Schools are also achieving financial savings and broader social and educational benefits from increased school pride and interest in learning. RB Landscapes would love to contribute to this initiative in your school.

Our vision is to create a sustainability precinct for your school. Ideally, we'd love to use all of the elements listed below, however sustainability precincts can be customised to suit any budget or available space. They can be as simple or as complex as these factors allow. Developments can be made to include any or all of the following elements, CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Enquire today about how RB Landscapes can help provide your school with the tools to educate its students towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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